Monday, September 10, 2007

another meal with pasta.

ok y'all, i really prefer pasta. it's my total grain of choice. i am interesting in experimenting with the following things:
whole wheat couscous
quinoa and millet pilaf
precooked brown rice (cos i have no patience)
other ideas for quick-cooking whole grains?
but last night i ate pasta again. my evening cooking structure was as follows:
put on water to boil.
get out main ingredients: pasta, fake chicken strips, mixed veggies, precut onion, frozen spinach, canola oil.
i heated up the oil and chopped up the fake chicken strips. i threw the onion and "chicken" into the heated oil, and grabbed the supplies for the sauce:
minced garlic, crushed ginger, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, rice vinegar, sesame seeds.
put the pasta in the now-boiling water.
i tossed the veggies and spinach into the pan with the onions and "chicken," and mixed up all the sauce ingredients. i put half of it on the food in the pan and cooked for about three minutes.
i turned off the heat on the veggies, and waited very impatiently for the pasta to be done. i probably tested it 9 times while i waited. i am not a good wait-er. finally, i poured out the water for the pasta (when it might have been a bit more al dente than was totally desirable), and put the pasta in the veggie pan, along with the remainder of the sauce. i mixed it all around and excitedly ate it!
here is a very poorly-lit picture of my dinner (and lunch for today):

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I Heart Kale said...

Precooked brown rice is a lifesaver. What we do (and totally ripped off 101 Cookbooks) is cook grains like quinoa, brown rice and millet (you can totally do this with a pilaf of any of these three), cool to room temperature, and freeze in bags in 2-cup portions. Apparently you can make it look like the stuff from Trader Joe's (and therefore stack in in convenient flat packages in your freezer) if you use a ziploc bag, lay the bag flat on the counter and expel any extra air before you close it. I've heard that you can do this with beans too, but opening a can is just way easier.